Winter Way was founded by Henrik Norman in 2017, as a response to the lack of great applications in the space sector. Henrik experienced many of the space sector problems first hand while working for the European Space Agency. Often the applications are overly complex, slow, created with old technologies, and not utilizing the power of modern software practices. The applications also have been designed with little regard to the convenience, understandability, and ease-of-use of its users. The mission of Winter Way is to bring the sectors applications into the modern era by using up-to-date software engineering practices, modern technologies and designing smart user interfaces. Powerful applications do not have to be complex, slow and user unfriendly!

The company is specialized in the creation of applications which combine really powerful and complex features with user friendly interfaces.

Winter Way only hires great and disciplined developers, who want to make a difference in the international scene. Thus, we can guarantee that our service is of the highest quality.

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Current customers include the European Space Agency (esa), where Winter Way is, among other things, developing the flagship application ESASky.

Current Customers